Paper 1:

Paper Title: Review on Design and Analysis of ADC

Author's name: Sowmya Priya M, Sruthi Pulya


Paper 2:

Paper Title: Low Power High Speed Accuracy Controllable Approximate Multiplier Design

Author's name: A.Sri Harsha, L.Ramya Sree, B.Sravya


Paper 3:

Paper Title: Very High Speed AES Implementation For Next Generation Internet Security

Author's name: D.Sai Teja 1, A.Ashwin2, S.Pavan Sai Krishna3


Paper 4:

Paper Title: Design and Implementation of Fractional Order Controller

Author's name: Deepak Narayana1, Manish Kumar2, Piyush Raj Sinha3, R.J. Prakash4


Paper 5:

Paper Title: Linear Ramp Generator for ADC BIST

Author's name: M Senthilsivakumar