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  1. Paper Submission

The author has to submit the articles in the form of MS-Word compatible (.doc, .docx). Author is requested to log in electronically at portal to submit research article. Once the paper is uploaded successfully, the journal assigns the Unique Paper ID to the submitted article and acknowledges it on the screen. The acknowledgement email also be sent to the authors email used at the time of her/his registration. The authors must mention/point the paper ID for all the future communication correspondences.

  1. Paper Format and Page Layout

Prepare the manuscript in MS-Word (.doc, .docx) format by considering the preparation guidelines under-mentioned:-

  • All manuscripts must be typed in English and in MS-Word (.doc, .docx) format
  • The total length of the paper must be less than 10 typed A4 Size pages including acknowledgement, references and appendices. The text from introduction to references must be typed in a double column, 1-line spacing, 10 font size, Arial, in MS Word (.doc/.docx).
  • The page margin of the manuscript follow the points given below: Top 1.0 cm, Bottom 1.0 cm, Left 0.75 cm, and Right 0.75 cm. Select the page layout as portrait with the Header and Footer margins of 0.2 cm. Select the option for different Headers and Footers in the manuscript for the first through Page Setup option. The author has to edit the header and footer in the IJECSD manuscript template.
  • The title, authors, abstract and keywords have to be types in single column. The title of the manuscript must appear in bold on the first page in 12 Font size. The author(s) name, affiliation (Department name, University/College/Institute, Country) must be typed below the title in 10 font size, 8 font size, respectively and email id of the authors should be typed centrally aligned form in 8 font size.
  • The authors are instructed to perform spell check and grammer-check function in order to avoid unnecessary errors in the article.
  • The references have to be typed in 9 font size and single-line spacing.
  • The article has to be prepared as per available template.
  • The manuscript must be prepared strictly following the guidelines for research/review papers. The manuscript has to be arranged in the order given below,
  1. Title
  2. Author(s) name, name of University/College/Institute, Country & valid Email address
  3. Abstract
  4. Keywords
  5. Introduction
  6. Literature Survey
  7. Problem identification and Statement
  8. Experimentation and Results Analysis
  9. Conclusion
  10. Acknowledgment
  11. References